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Craven Arms, Shropshire. SY7 9LT
Mobile: 07931 257393

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Should I bring a coat? – yes.

Should I bring wellies? – yes.

Do we provide bed linen and towels for you? – yes and toilet rolls.

Do we provide towels for dogs? – no, you need to bring your own.

How steep are the hills? – they vary but at least 10 degrees incline.

Will there be sheep on the walks? – yes in some places but not all, but you need to judge it yourself.

Do I need to bring a hairdryer? – yes.

Is my dog with me at all times? – yes, apart from meal times.

Can I duck out of some activities? – yes, but please let the organisers know.

You are also responsible for clearing up any mess made by your dog in the property or in the grounds.